To submit a URL to the Google Index

To submit a URL to the Google index, either submit a sitemap or use the Fetch as Google tool.

When we submit URL in Google, there is a message telling us as below :

To submit a URL to the Google Index, either submit a sitemap or use the fetch as Google Tool

It is funny, Google has removed the tools to submit URL from public search. Now the link are still available if you are googling 'how to submit URL in Google'. But the link will bring us to the satatement as i quote on the article title above. It is not stright answer as always, when i tried to click the link provided by Google, it is still doesn't solve my problem.

Google Search Console URL Inspection Tools
Google Search Console URL Inspection Tools

Further explainantion are available but doesn't stright forward giving the answer. For most of us probably will strugling first until undestand what does the Fetch Tools means.

Finally after more Googling and dig more information, i get the point. Now i understand how to sumbit URL in Google using the Fetch Tools.

The simplest way to say is we have to install Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools. We should go to our property, which is one of our blog and then copy our new URL and put it in inspection tools area.

The Google Search console will check the URL wheter it is already available on Google or not. When Google found that our new URL has not been found on Google, there will be suggestion or option to request for indexing. It will take a few seconds to minutes. Just wait after the request has been submitted and check again sometime later.

Based on my experience, few minutes after the submission, my new URL is now available in Google. We can check again in URL tools inspection.

Horray it is easy to submit a new URL to Google. We just need the right tools to do it. Google Webmaster or Google Search Console is the one.

How to do it in detail? Please have a look on my previous articles about how to submit URL in Google.

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Cheers and happy blogging.

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