Google AdSense Support Tamil Language Now

Google AdSense Support Tamil Language

Good news for our fellow Blogger from India who spoke or wrote Tamil. Now Google AdSense support Tamil language. Blogger that use Tamil language in their Blog can apply for Google AdSense now. Google published this information in Inside AdSense blog on Feb 9, 2018. So right now there are 43 languages that is supported on Google AdSense.

Now Google AdSense support Tamil language

Tamil language is spoken by people in Tamil Nandu (one of the state in India) and Srilanka. Tamil Nandu is located in the southernmost of Indian Peninsula. Sri Lanka is located on the south of Tamil Nandu, separated by Palk Strait. It also spoken by million people arround the word. And you know what, the current Google CEO, Sundar Pichai was born in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nandu in India that use Tamil for daily conservation language. Sundar Pichai has became Google CEO since 2015.

Do you wondering how is the Tamil writing looks like? This is the example of website that using Tamil Language. It is official website of Tamil Nandu Government.

Website of Tamil Nandu Government
Website of Tamil Nandu Government

So spread the word, let our fellow Blogger who wrote in Tamil knew this information. I believe there are many bloggers who wrote in Tamil and still doesn't know this information.

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