Start Blogging Using Blogspot

I make this blog to record my activity using and understanding Blogspot feature. As we know right now the most popular blogging platform is WordPress. Blogspot or Blogger is offering simple blogging platform that very easy to use, manage even to customize.
Start Blogging On Blogger or Blogspot
Start Blogging On Blogger or Blogspot

I understand that working with Blogspot will require a good understanding on XML, XHTML, HTML, CSS and even Javascript. Those are part of my motivation writing this blog. I will learn those from one posting to another.

If you are a beginner in blogging activities, i think blogging on Blogspot is the best way to start.

For learning purpose i will use the simplest template available on Blogspot that is offered to us when we create the blog. Furthermore i will learn how to customize the template or even create a new template.

The simple template is offering the look as  we can see in the picture below. It is very simple. This blog consist of some element as described below:
  • Header area : Area to put blog tittle and blog logo
  • Post Area : Area where the article will be contained
  • Sidebar Area : Area to put blogspot widget
  • Footer Area : Area to put additional information for the blog.
Ok, i think it is a good start. See you on next simple article. Keep reading Blogger Begins.

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