Beginner mistake from Beginner Blogger

Learning Blogging is like riding a bike. It might difficult at the first time but slowly it will be very easy just like a normal walk. To make an effective learning, below are the tips from a beginner blogger for beginner blogger.
Avoid Beginner Mistake Beginner Blogger
Avoid Beginner Mistake Beginner Blogger

It was came from my experience. It was not good experience though. I start blogging in 2005 using blogspot. It has been 11 years since my first post in Blogspot. However I still don't have many knowledge in blogging using blogger. I run some blog but still don't have a good number of visitor.

So I was an un-effective blogger. And right now I start to blog again and want to share my in-effective blogging experience. Below were my mistakes:

  1. I'm busy tweaking the template
  2. I did not choose the right topic
  3. I'm busy choosing the blogging platform
  4. I made to many blog
  5. I did not allocate specific time for blogging
So right now i don't really care about the template. I used the minimalist template for this blog. There will be the time for tweaking template, but for beginner blogger we should focus more in creating posts. Choose the right topics, creating a lot of quality post and after that we can continue to improve our blog appearance.

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